Saturday November 22nd, 2003 - November 29th, 2003

Holiday time (again!!). Fuerteventura. Simon and Ellieís first trip to Spain. It wouldíve been all the better without the English trying to make it England with sunshine. First sight in arriving at the resort..... a sign a the bar advertising the next Live football on Sky. We didnít go in there.

Ellie had a great time, made some friends, didnít get sunburnt and ate too much chocolate, biscuits and ice-cream. She loved it. Have a look at the Holiday Photographs section for more.


Friday November 21st, 2003

The day before we are due to fly out to Fuerteventura, Simonís done his ankle paying footie. It was a visicious sliding tackle resulting in a severe sprain, a purple foot and black toes. Looks like heís out of action until 2004 now - but at least he didnít miss the holiday.


Tuesday November 11th, 2003

Went to see Grandaddy at the Wulfren Hall in Wolverhampton. The usual baseball caps and beards were in evidence. But it was a great gig except for the Bass player wearing a Yankees hat (booooooo.....). Had a couple of newbies along too because Fi and Jennie joined us, along with Our Kid (Steve). No photos but thereís more about it on Simonís Music page. No more gigs planned just yet unfortunately although The Cooper Temple Clause are playing soon but weíre on holiday.... damn.

Saturday October 26th, 2003

Today was Simonís birthday turn-out. Wick and Jackie came down from Nelson, Lancashire to get some warm weather and we were joined by Mat and Ruth and Jo and Lozza. There were the usual events including a lunchtime and afternoon visit to the pub, a late afternoon Video Conference with Matt and Mel and an evening turn-out into Lichfield. There are of course, the usual photographs of the end of evening results.

Great news later during the evening too when the NY Yankees were beaten in Game 6 of the 2003 MLB World Series by the Florida Marlins. Us Boston Red Sox fans really do hate those Yankees, espescially after the ALCS loss to them last week. For more info, try Simonís Baseball page.


Friday October 3rd, 2003

Today was Simonís birthday. Nothing new there, it happens every year after all but then itís always a good excuse for a turn-out. This years turn-out will take place later in the month when Simon gets his act togather.


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